Back-to-back timers in Shortcuts?

Hello! Is it possible to set back-to-back timers in Shortcuts? I’d like to use a shortcut to start a 2 minute timer and then automatically start a 30 second timer when the first timer goes off. If this is more easily done with a different app, I’m open to that. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to code - so I’ll need help if scripting is required. For what it’s worth, this is for Jame Hoffmann’s Aeropress recipe, which calls for 2 minutes of brewing, a quick swirl, another 30 seconds, then press.

Setting multiple timers, yes, as of iOS 17. But back to back, no.

You’d have to set them as cumulative times.

Example for your case:

Run the shortcut like this:

set timer for 2 minutes
set timer for 2 min 30 seconds

Timer would go off at 2 minutes and another 30 seconds later

Ah! That solves the problem. Thank you!