Back-dating events with TaskPaper from Siri Shortcut Variable

Hi everyone,

I am new to Taskpaper and using David’s Field Guides to help me get Siri Shortcuts rolling with OmniFocus templates. For my job we bring in guest artists to my university, and I’d like to run a long script of all of the things that need to happen before they arrive, thus I need to know how to backdate for date math in TaskPaper.

In my shortcut, I ask for when the residency occurs and could use any advice for how I can make each of the following deferred to 2 months prior (8 weeks) to arrival and due 6 weeks prior to arrival:

OmniFocus Guest Artist Script

- 2 months before %filltext:name=Guest% residency @autodone(true)
	- Book: Flight for %filltext:name=Guest% residency (if necessary) @tags(Focus : Moderate)
	- Book: Hotel for %filltext:name=Guest% residency (if necessary) @tags(Focus : Moderate)
	- Book: Car Rental for %filltext:name=Guest% residency (if necessary) @tags(Focus : Moderate)

I’m guessing this is pretty simple, but I’m a beginner and didn’t find a clear solution through a Google search.

Thanks all!

I’d start with something like this:

Shortcuts can do the date math and formatting - then set variables and insert into your taskpaper text.

OmniFocus should be able to understand @due($date -6w) and @defer($date -8w) with $date being the date of arrival.