Autorename/tag new files saved to a colder using AI?

Hi all. I have a process I want to automate using AI/ChatGPT if possible. I tried accomplishing this using ChatGPT. Gave me suggestions using a Python script and Automator and couldn’t get it to work. In Mac OS, I want to create an automation where I can save a screenshot, image or PDF file to a folder. I want Automatore to monitor the folder and automatically rename the file based on content, kind of auto classify (may be even tag), and suggest a name based on the content included. Has anyone done that?


Screenshots are images, so it sounds like you want something to auto rename image or PDF files placed in a folder on macOS.

You can use Hazel, Keyboard Maestro, or plain old Folder Actions to trigger processing.

For images, take a look at this:

For PDF files, take a look at this:

Hope that helps.

Any automatic process can yield results you may not have chosen, but these tags were automatically generated from the image…

And no, there was no ChatGPT involved here.