Automators Assemble! (Tshirts and hoodies available)

Lots of people have emailed us to ask if they could get their hands (or robot paws in one case) on an Automators t-shirt or a hoody, so here they are!

First up, a zippered hoody with a nice soft lining and real pockets (with side seams, so your preciouses don’t fall out). The logo is in raised embroidery on the left side.

Next up, we have two variations of our t-shirt - one in plain dark navy, the other in a blend. Both have the Automators logo printed in the middle. (Both T-shirt’s are in the same listing, the materials are a variation.)

You can see both the t-shirts and the hoody over on Cotton Bureau. The hoody is $50; the t-shirts are $28.


Got a shipment notification today. T-shirt and hoodie on their way. Excited.

Me, too. I don’t know which country they’re being shipped from so arrival outlook uncertain.

Cotton Bureau ship from Illinois.

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My T-Shirt arrived in Tokyo yesterday, it looks great

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I took my Automators hoodie with me on a four day hike in Denmark, and used when we were in camp. It was, next to muskito net, the best extra I bought with me :slight_smile:

<3 it.

It’s just a great hoodie :slight_smile: