Automators 9: Scriptable with Simon Støvring


Awesome! Can’t wait to listen!

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Couldn’t resist the temptation to tip @simonbs after listening to the show (though I don’t use the app). Not only got curious to see what would happen, but also to support Scriptable. Learning javascript is on my “someday” to-do list, and scriptable will be key to achieve that :+1:


Same here. I finally downloaded the app and left a tip because this is the sort of thing I want to see exist, and I want to support its continued life.

Now I just have to learn JavaScript…


Do you know any programming language or workflow/shortcuts?

I can write shelk scripts and I’ve started using Shortcuts.

This was a great episode for me to get excited about some more beyond Shortcuts. Would Scriptable be able to do this thing I can’t believe the Apple Watch doesn’t do? I charge my Apple Watch and it’s still connected by Bluetooth to my phone. I want a notification on my phone when my Watch battery has reached 100% charge. Does anyone think it could be done?

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I don’t believe so. You would need a push notification from the watch, or a long running background process to poll for the battery level and then trigger a notification.

that should be a good foundation. one problem with many javascript tutorials is that they are written for web developers.
we will see if @MacSparky or @RosemaryOrchard will do some thing about it. As a software developer I could think up something by myself. maybe in a thread of this forum — we will see

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I guess you could do it with IFTTT, but certainly not with Scriptable. You would need to run a script every time you want to check the battery.

I really liked that episode and also started to write my first script with Scriptable.
But there is one thing I haven’t figured out how to do it with Scriptable: Notifications.

Is there a way to do that in Scriptable?

Scripts could be triggered by hand or by voice (siri) you can use message boxes or let siri talk to you. notifications as I understand it would be triggered by a background task. I would say that is not even possible at the moment. @simonbs did I get it right?

@nheer what was the task you want to solve?

There’s not currently a way to schedule notifications with Scriptable. I’ve been thinking about it a lot and haven’t figured out how to approach it yet. Maybe it’s because I haven’t figured out the perfect use case yet.

Here’s some of my thoughts so far:

  • An API for scheduling a notification for a date, possibly making it repeating
  • An API to fetch all schedules notifications
  • An API for cancelling a specific notifications
  • Tapping on a notification may open a URL, eg. a URL scheme. This would enable running a script.
  • Maybe look into running a script when a notification is pressed - possibly presenting UI, just like the Siri integration.

Those are only notes for now. I’m still considering how to approach notifications.



Yes. Love it all, man! Keep it coming!

Really great show. I’ve been trying to learn code for years but always seem to stumble until Shortcuts came out. Now I want to give JavaScript a shot. The app really makes it look almost doable. By the way I was looking at the Comic Siri script and wondered if I could do the same thing just using Shortcuts. I kind of came close. Not bad considering I’m not sure what half the actions did.


I made a little Siri shortcut to help me brew tea in gongfu style.
Basically I start times and show recipes for brewing the tea.

I wanted to show a notification when the timer has started so that I know when I can begin brewing, but I solved it with Siri shortcuts itself.

Here is a short video about it:

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The interesting thing that I noticed recently is that when the watch gets to 100% charge, it actually dings and the screen lights up. I wonder if that notification can be intercepted and become a phone notification