Automators 6: Getting the Golden Hour in Shortcuts

You can get a Dark Sky API Key from here:

And the Shortcut is available to download from here:

A skillfull Twitter user has already created an updated version to add the times to your calendar!

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here’s a weird one. The Golden Hour shortcut works great if I launch it from within the Shortcuts App. But after I assign a siri shortcut to it (in the Settings part of the shortcut itself), the shortcut gives me meaningless results (sunrise at 3pm, golden hour until 4pm; sunset at 5, golden hour starts at 4pm). If I go back to the shortcuts app and launch the sortcut it again works fine…

more info. I used some Quick Look placements to investigate what’s going on. Basically, when I run this through a Siri shortcut, no location is obtained from the first action (Get Location). I have Location Services turned on globally and specifically for the Shortcuts app and Siri& Search, have even reset my location settings, but still no dice. Perhaps a bug in ios12 or shortcuts app?

I’ve tried with a count items to the get location just in case the issue was extrapolating suitable text. But when run at any point outside the Shortcuts app, 0 location items are returned and when run within the app, 1 item is returned. Which supports the Quick Look observations above.

I’d concur that it looks like a bug, or some sort of security limitation. Nothing specified on the get location action description, so I’m leaning towards the former.

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thanks for trying it too. I’ve submitted it to Apple as a Bug…

This new version is great.

It would be really cool to be able to specify an arbitrary date.

Also, as a stretch goal, my sister in law is a photographer who specialises in outdoors shoots. This shortcut is great for her but it would be even better if it also reported the weather conditions for that day if available.