Automators 53: WWDC 2020 Automation News

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I think i need a new phone for this NFC-stuff. :rofl:


Time based automations have been a game changer for me. I have several running on my iPad.


Top shortcuts that run automatically:

  1. When I end a workout (bike ride) and I’m at work before 10am, tell my wife I made it to work.
  2. When I start a workout (bike ride) during the week after 4pm, tell my wife I’m on my way home.
  3. When my battery drops below 10% and I’m more than 5 miles from home, let my wife know my phone is dying and where I am.
  4. At bedtime, back up my shortcuts.
  5. Every Thursday morning populate my meeting notes template in Drafts in preparation for my Level 10 Meeting.

It really feels like the start of a new era for Shortcuts, new doors are opening up.


I now have my watch face changing to “workout” before I typically ride to or from work. This is so great!

Do we know anything much about Shortcuts on the Watch?

For example, could I pop up a menu? I’d want to do that from a complication to access lots of function from two taps. (Right now, even with multiple watch faces set up I feel very limited in the number of complications.)

Another question would be what can be done on the watch and what has to be handed off to the phone? (Now I can run with the watch and no phone this becomes more important - compared to when Workflow on the watch was a thing.)