Automators 50: Some Favorite Automations


Congratulations on your 50th episode!

First time here, everyone. Quick question: in this week’s episode, David mentioned something about having the caps lock set as a “super key” thanks to Brett Terpstra. I’m back to the Mac for the first time after a number of years on iOS only, so I need some help and a reminder about how to make that happen again.

Thanks for any help.

Try this post

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Thanks you @IanSC for the Twitter reminder about posting ScreenFlow-centric Keyboard Maestro macros. It’s been a while since Automators 31…and since Rose mentioned the episode, I thought it was time I shared this, the macro I used most often while editing in ScreenFlow:

Ripple Delete & Play

To all ScreenFlow users out there: what are some repetitive tasks you find yourself doing while using the app?


P.S. Episode 50 was so fun! Congrats @RosemaryOrchard & @MacSparky on reaching that milestone!

I would also like do not disturb while driving. So I can add it to my shortcut.