Automators 5: Using Drafts to Create OmniFocus Project Templates

You can get the action group here:

The blog post about this action group is here:


For a Things 3 implementation check Things Parser Draft Action.

You just need to spend some time learning its synthax but it pays off.


A first attempt to apply the idea to Things 3 through Things Parser:
Things Templates Action Group

Holy cow, it worked!

I opened this in Drafts on my iPhone, used @RosemaryOrchard 's special keyboard thingy to hit the Share to OF icon, filled in three questions it asked me and… a minute later it showed up on my laptop in OmniFocus, all ready to go. Automagic!

- Exercise «ExerciseNum» - «ExerciseTitle» - @parallel(false) @autodone(false) @tags@(Online)
	- Read through Exercise «ExerciseNum» «ExerciseTitle»  @parallel(false) @autodone(false) @tags(Online)
	- Do task for Exercise «ExerciseNum» «ExerciseTitle» @parallel(false) @autodone(false) @tags(Online)
	- Waiting for: submission approval «ExerciseNum» from AG @parallel(false) @autodone(false) @tags(Waiting)
	- Give feedback on Exercise «ExerciseNum» - «ExerciseTitle»  @parallel@false) @autodone(false) @tags(Online)

So next I need to
*find one place to store these templates,
*get a Shortcut workflow and Applescript script that both process [the template files] the same way?


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I highly recommend a Drafts workspace for storing the templates, that’s where all of mine are. And in less than 24 hours, Drafts for Mac gets actions!