Automators 45: LaunchCuts, Feedback, and More!


This show gave me more ideas for Shortcuts and third party apps to extend Shortcuts. During these lock down times Shortcuts is a great diversion. Once I get an idea for a new Shortcut I start working in my mind. “Now how shall I put this together? Dictionary? Regex? Lists?” Good times. It is a great exercise for the brain and it takes you away for a time from the bad news all around us.
Thanks David and Rosemary.


A thoroughly enjoyable show - listened to while driving back from my parents’ in Dorset yesterday. (Perhaps for the last time in a long while.)

Hoping the move goes/went well for you Rose.

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Getting ready to move across the country (almost) myself and love the QR/Database idea! Totally going to steal that for this move lol. Amazing episode you two!

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If you’re not a beta user, you can launch the hidden Feedback Assistant app using a shortcut.

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