Automators 29: The Dark Dungeon with Adam Tow

Regarding Tom’s camera, when ever he says “FTPS” he means “SFTP”, right?

No, it’s FTPS for FTP Secure.

You can read about my configuration here:

Wasn’t this the episode where Adam and or Dave discussed using Hazel rules to copy/backup photos to multiple cloud providers like Amazon Photos? I remember Amazon Photos specifically because of their unlimited photos policy.

I looked in the show notes and couldn’t find it. Wasn’t on David or Rosemary’s blogs either.

Am I crossing streams or imagining things? Geez I hope not.



Adam did say he does that! I would suggest checking :slight_smile:

Shawn - sorry for the late reply. Yes, I do use Amazon Photos to store copies of my RAW images. Unfortunately, I don’t yet have an automated solution for sending my images to Amazon when I import them into my computer.

When they are uploaded, however, they do have the same filename as the ones in Photos, Dropbox, and Google Photos. So I am able to retrieve them relatively quickly from the Amazon mobile app.

Let me know if you have any further questions.