Automators 26: Getting Started with HomeKit

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@RosemaryOrchard The Athom Homey might be another (expensive) way to bridge devices to HomeKit. For me Homebridge on a Raspberry Pi works fine (for WeMo switches), until a power outage…

@MacSparky As far as outdoor switches go… I run three sets of string lights off an iDevices outdoor switch (or Christmas lights in December.) Two years and no issues.

It’s a great call. I’ve been running it about the same time and it’s rock solid. Can’t wait to try it with iOS 13 automation this holiday season.

@RosemaryOrchard & @MacSparky: Great touching on Homebridge!! I have it running on both a RasPi and my “always on” macmini. I have some HomeKit devices that do not offer native notifications. However, the ‘automation switches’ Homebridge plugin ( offers a great solution by emulating a motion sensor signal triggered by other sensor events. I use these to notify me when my daughter comes & goes, when temp, rh, & air quality events happen with my Elgato Room sensor, etc.

Would love to hear a show on Homebridge plug-in development.

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Thanks for the last episode – very interesting to see what type of automations you guys are running.
Just like @pricemi115 I took a similar approach: I’m also using the Raspberry PI 3+ with Home Assistant installed. I can automate all devices from different platforms, Hue, HomeKit, Sonos, Harmony, SmartTV, Apple TV, window shades, but also including internet functions like dark sky, IFTTT, check status of my home network, my investment accounts, my car, up to the battery level of my iPhone.
This can be controlled via iPhone, iPad, HomePod voice and obviously remote.

It is a dedicated RPI which was kind of challenging to get installed with all the different devices. However, once I got it up and running it is pretty smooth.

In the episode @RosemaryOrchard mentioned setting up a night light triggered by a motion sensor. Is there a HomeKit motion sensor you recommend?

The Philips Hue one is the only one I have experience with. It’s solid.