Automators 25: WWDC 2019 Automation Update

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Missing links!

  1. We were promised a photo of your podcasting setup

  2. also DougScripts (which any self-respecting automator ought to already know, but…) was mentioned but not actually linked.

I’m sure this is what happens when you try to squeeze a podcast into a busy week.

And… Rose… did you say that your scooter accident was caused by… a leaf? like :maple_leaf:?


Brilliant episode - thanks so much to both of you for your wonderful work in unpacking some of the incredible automation features coming in Shortcuts in iOS 13 and iPadOS.

Possible Shortcuts automation ideas:

  • Setting alarms that nag me incessantly until I wake up and do something crazy, after which I won’t want to go back to bed. (Ideas for craziest alarms welcome, including solving maths problems. I had an Android app that did that about 8 years ago, before I saw the light of Apple.)
  • Creating text files automatically in Dropbox that could trigger Hazel on my always-running Mac Mini to run a script of some sort to do… something cool? Again, ideas welcome! (On second thought, this might be better for Keyboard Maestro - still need to go through the field guide!)

Maybe new iOS 13 shortcut automation ideas could go into their own thread!

Edit: just saw the thread - d’oh!

I was excited to hear the various changes to Shortcuts in this latest episode. Both Rose and David seemed really excited. Especially the various triggers (although I think they’re called something else).

Thanks again for the podcast. I feel like we’ve just learnt the basics of automation on iOS. I’m excited with this latest iteration, where the next possibilities will head. If set up right, I think automations can really make our lives simpler and more streamlined and productive.

Great episode!! So good that I had to listen to it twice!

@RosemaryOrchard mentioned running a shortcut to get a list of to-dos when connecting to a specific wifi network.

Idea for when I get iOS13:

  1. when connected to <family/friends> wi-fi
  2. check todoist for a specific tag
  3. show list of things to get done or talked about

Brilliant! (If it can be done :rofl: )

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Can’t wait for theses new features, especially with HomePod integration.

I’ve learned to hate summer, that period between WWDC and new OS release day.

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I’m enjoying this period. September’s going to be an expensive month hardware wise :rofl:

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Follow up on fighting leaves: don’t! Turns out I broke my ankle :roll_eyes:

But, WWDC still managed to be amazing!

Apologies for the missing items, we switched who uploaded the episode at the last minute :wink:


It was worth the wait!

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I’m not sure what would be worse:

  1. breaking your ankle on “vacation”


  1. having to deal with the medical system in the USA
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I skipped that one because I misunderstood my insurance, oh well!

Hi all - I couldn’t see the reference to the set wallpaper shortcut that was mentioned in the show notes for episode 25. Could someone please point me in the direction to grab this?


We didn’t share it because it’s not one that most people can install right now - and it was an example of something that could be done rather than an example of a shortcut we are using :wink:

Did you manage to get this to work, as I don’t seem to be able to retrieve todo’s with a specific tag.

Can’t send screenshots now, will do later if need.

But here you have the steps:

  1. Create shortcut with action "todoist Open Label) - select the label, and give the shortcut a name. Save it

  2. Go to “automations” at the bottom of the Shortcut app

  3. Select new automation -> when connected to wifi. And select the wifi’s name.

  4. Click on next and choose “run shortcut” ) select the one you’ve created.

That’s it.

When your phone connects to that wifi, it’ll open Todoist’s tasks with that specific label

Is there any way to get the contents of the show as text I want to include them in an email.