Automators 24: Blog Post Editorial Calendar in AirTable with Shortcuts

Here’s a screencast showing how Rose runs her editorial schedule through Airtable as discussed on the Automators episode 24.

AirTable Base:



Thank you for this. I’d like to take it a step further. I have a similar editorial calendar, but one of the fields is an array of record IDs which pull from a related table.

So for example, let’s say I have a field “Title” in table “Editorial Calendar”, and a field “Series” which pulls a list of “series” from a table called “Shows” within the same base. My question is whether I can present the user (me) with a list of available options based on the contents of the relevant field in “Shows” so I can have that filled into the new record.

I hope that’s clear. Kind of hard to describe.

What you will need to do is to get the records from the show table, and build a dictionary where the key is the title, and the value is the id of the record. Then you choose from those and use the output of the choose from list to put into the dictionary to create a record.

Here’s a rough sample:

Please note: this is untested, and the URL and Get Contents of URL actions aren’t set up.

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Excellent. Thank you. I’ll give a that a try and learn something new. It’s such a thrill to keep learning things like this at my age. :smile: