Automators 14: Automated Journaling



Looking forward to this one - but don’t anybody spoil the plot for me. :slight_smile:


Great episode. You talked about getting stuff into Day One. I’m looking to automate getting something out.

I am looking for a shortcut that can grab the internal url of a journal note entry that I can ingest into a Todoist task. That way I can use the journal entries for my daily writing but be able to take action on something in the journal entry without having to re-type.


Someone on Reddit modified one of our shortcuts to work with Bear:


I don’t know of a way to get that in Shortcuts, it seems from my quick testing (not perfect), that the URL isn’t shared. I think your best bet may be to put the URL on the clipboard and then to run a Shortcut which grabs that and does whatever you need.


That was my conclusion as well, but wanted another (more experienced) opinion. I figure I can click the “copy entry url” button in the share sheet screen, then launch my shortcut via voice to Siri to finish the action of getting it into Todoist. Otherwise, I’d be pressing a ton of buttons.

BTW- My automation to Day One so far

IFTTT - Todoist completed action of paying a scheduled bill reminder into Day One. (I go back in later and pop in a picture of the confirmation email)

IFTTT - Drops in the weather forecast entry every morning at 5am

IFTTT - AutomaticPro to Day One that puts a log of my car trips

Day One has a lot of great integrations of automating ways of getting stuff in, but needs to do a better job of programming the app to leverage automation to get stuff out as well.


Hi - great episode, thank you!

There was a mentioning during the episode of a markup for a table in which all data from the iPhone recorded can be loaded - is there somewhere a link to that markup definition?



I think :slight_smile: I’m doing journaling - in Drafts. The one thing I need to investigate further is how to handle images. Probably a Dropbox image file plus a “data:” URI embedded in the draft.


Markdown tables are something like this:

|Col 1|Col 2|
|Row 1|here|
|Row 2|here|

This should result in:

Col 1 Col 2
Row 1 here
Row 2 here


Just to clarify this a bit further, Markdown, as per the original/current specification, does not support tables. Extensions to Markdown such as Multi-Markdown and Github Flavored Markdown (GFM) do support tables.

Most apps with Markdown rendering capabilities (and I’m sure this would include apps such as Day One) support one or more extended syntaxes, but you should always verify the details rather than assuming any extension syntax is supported.

See Markdown Guide - Extended Syntax for tables and other syntax that might fall into this category of extension syntax.


Actually, the second dash in each cell descriptor isn’t needed. Since you complained about the effort in making tables. :slight_smile:

And actually actually :slight_smile: nor are the colons. :slight_smile:


Very true! But I find that helps me feel the formatting is less wonky.


I’d quite like it if the trailing vertical bar weren’t necessary, too. :slight_smile:


Check out MultiMarkdown


I created a web app for automating the creation of markdown journal templates. It creates two different types of templates:

  • Freeform journalling each day
  • Journalling each day of the week about habits/rituals/tactics

It’s a minimum viable product at the moment, but I’d be curious to know if people would find this useful.

Example freeform template:
Example tactics template:

I still need to add some documentation to it:

  • The freeform journal files can be weekly or monthly, but the tactics journal files can only be weekly (based on 12 Week Year by Brian Moran).
  • The monthly journal files need to start on the first day of the month, and the weekly journal files need to start on a Sunday or Monday.

Would love to hear your feedback!


Really enjoyed the episode! Here is one of my Day One Siri Shortcuts that I use daily now on my way home from work

Dictate a Daily Reflection to Day One w/ Audio Prompts


The nice thing about Notability is their text recognition and automatic PDF backup with that OCR later. I also used to use Evernote to scan in my bullet journal pages to have them become searchable.


GoodNotes does the same thing. It’s really nice


Less on the automating side of things, more on the journaling side:

I’ve seen some of the questions you guys have posted that you use in daily reflections. I’d love to see more ideas about this from others!


Another cool app for getting handwriting into DayOne is MyScript Nebo, which converts in real time. Once you’re done you can share as HTML and get your formatted text into DayOne as Markdown!