Automators 1: Automating Calendar Events

Just in case this is of any use to anyone, I have an example workflow that allows you to select an upcoming event, does some checking of the details and dumps out a formatted summary PDF, rich text or Markdown.


Here’s the workflow:

Thank you for the response. Here’s the workflow:

I took a look and noted a number of things. My calendar is pretty much virtual meetings at the moment so not so easy for me to test, ut take a look at this revised workflow and see how close it gets you.

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Here’s one more Numbers to Calendar example powered by AppleScript. It uses the built-in collaboration support in Numbers to publish a spreadsheet that instructors use to sign-up for classes. Enjoy!


@Sal Wow. Welcome Sal! :clap:t3:

Finally took some real time to listen and use some of the resources. I had a few questions regarding the calendar Event Templates. I’d like to add more than the three examples that the template started with maybe around fifteen or so. I tried building on the workflow based on the first few examples but ran into a few snags. I can add prompts and then add adjust date to the new prompt but I can’t get the add new event to connect to the adjust date in the workflow. How do I do that?

When I add adjust date, how can I get the icons in the start and end time like in the examples?

And since I need to do this about 12 more times, is there a faster way to build these things? It’s been pretty cumbersome so far.

I also accidentally created a copy of the Doctor box after the Choose from menu box under the run shortcut and could not delete it. How could I have deleted that or would it not have mattered?

I’m calling each section a box but I’m sure there are technical terms for the elements of a workflow that I will hopefully learn!

Can someone help me connect these two boxes in workflow? I think I’ve answered all my other questions I think.

It looks like they are connected - the end time in the add Event is using the adjusted time. The line in the middle doesn’t mean anything :slight_smile:

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Just to clarify on the meaning of the lines…

You can tap on Shortcut actions to get more information about them. The lines between actions only occur when you have an action that accepts an input following an action that produces an output and where the output and input are compatible.

The Add Event action details note that it has an output (result) whilst the Adjust Date action has both an input and an output.

Hopefully that explains why you sometimes see the lines and why you don’t for this instance.


When I select the doctor 2 in the shortcut, I’m getting this error.

It may be using the end date field from the above menu item. Try tapping the reveal option when you select the variable.

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It is indeed. How do I change that?

Just delete the variable, tap the magic wand bubble, and then tap the blue date bubble below the adjust date action immediately above the add to calendar action :slight_smile:

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Rosemary you’re going to kill me. So I followed those but the blue data bubble under adjust date says adjust date instead of end time like all the others. How do I change that? I’m sorry for all the questions!

I’m thinking you just simply renamed it to “end time” because it worked!

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Yup, it’s just a renaming!

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I’ve just tried the Keyboard Maestro Macro and it only adds the last event in the list, and ignores all the other ones. I’m not good enough with Apple Script to figure out why. Any help?

@RosemaryOrchard you were talking about putting information into a spreadsheet then it adds it to the calendar. How do you do that? I’m looking to do that. But I don’t use Fantastical not sure if that matters or not.

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Hi Jim,

I am trying to learn AppleScript and I set up a numbers sheet, where you can list all your calendar events and it will then be parsed into the calendar of your choice. The good thing about the script is that you do not need Fantastical and Keyboard Maestro. Once I am finished, I am willing to publish it here.

I hope that anyone can help me with the last puzzle piece I am looking for. The script should advance from row to row until it gets to an empty row, where it should exit the routine.

How do I tell AppleScript, that if a cell is not empty, it should continue with the routine, for example:

repeat while cell 1 of row xxx is not ""
– script goes here
end repeat

What is the correct expression for the “is not empty” syntax?

Thanks for your help!