Automator: Finder workflow

Hi together,

I’ve absolutely no clue if that’s possible, but maybe there is a Automator expert who can help me.
I want to create the following workflow:

1. If I duplicate an existing folder in directory a) with sub-folders and rename the folders…

2. A new folders should be created in directory b) and they should have the same names as the folders in directory a).


Directory a)

Main folder “Name W”

  • Sub folder “Name X
    • Sub folder of sub folder “Name Y
    • Sub folder of sub folder" “Name Z”

If I duplicate now the folder “Name X” and rename it…
And rename the folder “Y” also…
In directory b) (folder “V”, already existing) a new folder with the same name of folder “X” and and a new sub folder with the name “Y” should be created automatically. The folder “Z” should be ignored and mustn’t created.

Directory b)

Main folder “Name V”

  • Sub folder “Name X
    • Sub folder of sub folder “Name Y

Is that possible? An if yes, how? I’ve no experience with Automator I must say.

Thx and best regards

You can create folder actions with Automator that will operate on new items in a folder, but you are seem to have a process that requires a selective sync based on a very unusual set of rules.

I think you would be better off having something where you use a script to duplicate and name the desired folders in both directory a (or W) and directory b (or V). You will simplify things to a planned set of changes rather than having to build something that isn’t a sync, and does not process added items, but only renamed items.

Even then, depending upon the complexity of your structure, you might need to build something extensive to allow you to pick and choose efficiently - probably a visual UI would be best if the structure is indeed complex.

Based on that, perhaps you could take a step back and explain the problem or process that this approach would seem to solve for you? It is entirely possible that someone on the forum might be able to offer an alternative approach that could be simpler, or better, to implement.

Sounds like you’re setting up a client engagement folder ’ file structure.

In any case, are you planning on tailoring files within this structure, perhaps giving them custom names?

I ask because the sanest way I found to do this was using Keyboard Maestro and copying in boilerplate text (which KM edited) when I did it.

Hi togehther,

thanks guys for your replys. Indeed my intention is to create a client file structure.
In directory a) are my raw files in folder b) are the master files respectively the exported files.
Direcory b) is already synchroized with Google drive, so that the client can download the files from there.

My intention is to avoid creating every time the same structure twice.
A more simple way to explain is:

Directory a) (With raw files)

Folder 0 (master folder “raws”)
Folder 1: “Client name”
Folder 2 (sub folder): “project name”
Folder 3 (further sub folder): “project files”

Directory b) (exported files)

Folder 0 (master folder “exports”)
Folder 1: “Client name”
Folder 2 (sub folder): “project name”

In folder 2 are the exported files. Folder “0” is synchrinized with Goofgle drive.

Thanks and best regards

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I honestly think you’re beyond what you’d want Automator to do.

In my experience a “set up a client engagement” automation grows over time:

  1. It might start with just create folders.
  2. It will then proceed to creating boilerplate files.
  3. You will probably then want client name in the file names. (I did.)
  4. You will probably want to tailor the contents of these files.

I’m laying out a path. Once you get on it you will be incrementally be drawn along it. And usefully so.

While all this might be doable in Automator I think you’re soon going to want to graduate to Keyboard Maestro and/or AppleScript.