Automator: Filter Finder Items broken

Figured I’d share this one. After upgrading to Catalina, I found one of my Automator apps was no longer working. I have a “Temp” folder where I put various files (billing statements, email pdf printouts, etc). To keep this folder from growing forever, some time ago I created an Automator application to filter this folder for files with a Last Modified date greater than 75 days ago and delete the matching files. The app is set to run daily. Additionally, to allow me to easily retain files longer than the 75 day limit, I incorporated the “Filter Finder Items” action to filter out any files that had a Tag (Label in Automator-speak}. I found that after upgrading to Catalina, when this action contains a “Label” filter, the result is always empty. So my Purge application stopped deleting old files altogether !!

Conveniently, a few months ago @MacSparky reached into my wallet and extracted a license for Keyboard Maestro as well as the Keyboard Maestro tutorial. So, I was able to rebuild my application as a Keyboard Maestro macro triggered on a cron trigger, so I am back up an running.

On a semi-related note - for those who have jumped to Catalina, did you know that  has added an application to file radars (bug reports)? Simply use Spotlight and search for “Feedback” :nerd_face:

Thanks for sharing this. You will presumably also have shared this with Apple, as a bug report ? If not, please do. - Yep. Already done. That’s how I stumbled across the ‘Feedback’ application that is part of Catalina

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I ran into this recently and my head exploded. Hopefully it gets fixed quickly!

D’oh, you even stated this in your final paragraph and I totally spaced it. Thanks again.

*smh* (at myself)

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