Automator Action to Tag and Move Files

Hello, friends. All of this time spent thinking about and writing Shortcuts has me wanting to make an Automator Quick Action on my Mac. What I’d like to do is create an Automator action that I can trigger when I’ve highlighted a file (or files) in Finder. I want Automator to prompt me for a tag (or tags), then, after I add the tag, move the file to a designated folder. The move part is easy, but I can’t find any tagging actions in Automator. Can anyone help?



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You can always run a shell script to tag – – Apple should be shipping this with the OS.


The combination of Automator Actions and Hazel (with AppleScript) will allow you to achieve what you are after.

I run a similar process where an Automator Action moves selected files to a "sort’ folder, Hazel rules then kick in allowing me to rename the file (if required) then allocate a primary Tag from a list then depending on what is selected another Tag list allows for sub categories. The File is then moved to an iCloud Drive folder structure based on the primary and sub Tags that have been applied.

I run a similar workflow on scanned files but there I use additional Hazel rules to automatically rename and file based on the document contents.

It is a slightly more manual process than my previous workflow where I used Devonthink but the tagging and filing is 100% accurate and there are no syncing issues.