Automation Triggers

For personal automation, can location based triggers run automatically? My assistant works from home and it is very useful for him to know when I am in or out of the office and I was using IFTTT to send a message when I left and arrived back, triggered by location. I wanted to replace this with a shortcut but as far as I can gather this cannot run without intervention. I was aslo going to change this to a wifi trigger but I cannot see an option of when you disconnect from a wifi?

they wont run automatically. Maybe use an nfc tag which you scan leaving and one when you arrive. But why not stick with the ifttt version?

This article covers the list of available automation triggers and includes which require confirmation.

I would like to test the NFC tags but for this task, I will stick with IFTTT. Shortcuts is not as flexible as I would like it to be. I have another IFTTT set up to play and stop Sonos when I arrive/leave, but would like to add time perimeters which Shortcuts does have. However there are no Sonos shortcuts, and it is not automated.

It is utterly bizarre that something that is labelled as an automatic trigger cannot trigger something automatically.

Apple need to enable this! I will click whatever box is needed to say ‘I understand the risk’

I completely agree. There are so many great things about Shortcuts bit some very strange decisions, and omissions.