Automation Triggering

Hello everyone, Please forgive me if I sound completely green, because that is exactly what I am. I literally just made my very first automation only a couple of hours ago!. So, am now trying to configure an automation trigger but there does not seem to be an option for what I am trying to do. I was hoping to set a trigger that would launch my VPN app any time I connected to any wiFi network other than my own home…The does not seem to be an option though. The configuration is asking for specific networks… So then I looked to see if I could just trigger it as soon as I disconnecting from my home network but that is not an option either. Any ideas?

A wifi network SSID is a good trigger, but if that isn’t viable how about a gelocation trigger like “when I leave home”?

Couldn’t you use an “any network” trigger and then check the network name?

Something like this:


Wow!!! That you so much!!! You made it wauyyy simpler than I was!!!


The only thing was I wasn’t really wanting to use the VPN at home… I think I am gonna go with this though.

If you set MyNetwork in the above to your network name and leave the Otherwise empty then it should only trigger for WiFi networks that aren’t yours.

If your VPN app supports shortcuts (Unfortunately, I’m not sure that many do) then you could set another automation to trigger when you connect to your own WiFi which then disconnects the VPN.

No, It is not intergrated with Shortcuts per sem but I do have it set to start protection immediatly upon launch without the need for any additional interventil. It worked this evening at the grocery store. Its only been two days so far but I see myself really real deep with this automator business!!!