Automation to fill out a website

Greetings, I’ve looked around online here and reddit but can’t find what I’m looking for. Every Sunday some buddies and I play disc golf. So once a week I go to their website, schedule the tee time, enter all our information and pay via PayPal. Can someone point me in the directions of using any kind of automation services/apps to do something like this. If you could just point me in the right direction it would be great, you don’t need to build anything for me.

I appreciate it.

In principle this sounds like something Keyboard Maestro could handle using its “click at found image” ability to perform mouse clicks wherever needed (there might be gotchas depending on the exact design and operation of the disc golf website)

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Per your suggestion I took a look at Keyboard Maestro and it looks like it could help. But I just gave away my MacBook Pro yesterday since I (thought) I did everything on my iPad Pro…. Guess the joke’s on me, haha

Ahh. That is indeed a problem. Don’t know of any iOS solutions I’m afraid

Aw well, thanks for responding! Maybe I’ll just get a new MBP

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Keyboard Maestro also has actions that will fill in form fields on web pages (in Safari or Chrome browsers), which can be more robust/reliable than clicking.

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Another approach (which sometimes works for me as a Firefox user) is to confect a query string that contains the form values.

(Cmd + L gets to the address bar in Firefox. Then it’s a paste job.)

Of course you’d be lucky to find confecting a URL to work for a given form.

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A quick way to achieving this is to recode each steps with selenium ide and then export to a python scripts make the required modifications, and then set a a job to run the script at that particular using web drivers.