Automation to control screen mirroring?

I am (temporarily) living the iPad-only life due to work being done on my house. It’s working out pretty well except for on annoyance: Each time I plug in my external monitor, I need to dig through Settings > displays to turn off screen mirroring.

Is there any way to automatically detect an external screen being connected and then turn screen mirroring off? A quick search through Shortcuts actions didn’t turn up anything obvious, but I figured it was worth asking. I’m open to using 3rd party addons if it will help.

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  1. Add a Personal Automation that runs when you connect a display.
  2. Use the Open URL action to open prefs:root=DISPLAY which will open the Settings app to the Display & Brightness section.
  3. You’ll still have to tap on Arrangement and toggle Screen Mirroring off.
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Thanks! For some reason, the mirroring setting seems to be sticking recently. It seems to start in mirroring, and then switches to separate displays after a 30 or so seconds.