Automation to check a value on a website

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I would like to know from you if it’s possible to create an automation to check my car’s selling price periodically according to the FIPE table, accessible through the URL below:

Once this automation got to the website’s main page, it would be need to click and choose three values on three dropdown menu in order to have my car’s selling price.

Thank you all in advance.

My Portuguese is very limited, but it looks like there might be an API available for this data set.

Whatever platform you are using and whatever automation tools you have available, the chances are the API will be an easier option than populating and submitting a web form and then scraping the updated page for the output.

Hope that helps.

@sylumer, thank you so much once more for answering me, dear. I was thinking about achieve this goal by using an iOS automation, but maybe it isn’t possible. I have no idea on how to do it.

On iOS, your best option would probably be to use Apple Shortcuts. If you are unfamiliar with it, there are many resources available on line to help you learn it.

Shortcuts could support periodic checks via its Automations feature which allows you to schedule a shortcut to run. It could then write results to a file, show a notification of the price reached a threshold, etc.

Some third party apps allow t you to add widget functionality to Shortcuts, which could be another option got you to consider.

It is also worth noting that Scriptable could be another choice, but I get the feeling you are unlikely to be familiar with programming in JavaScript.

When you have a basic familiarity with Shortcuts, take a look at Apple’s intro documentation on how to call an API.

You shouldn’t need much of anything beyond this. You send your data to the API, and you get a few bits of data back from which you pick the data you are interested in. It actually looks to me like an ideal beginner’s practical challenge to learn a little about how to query an API in Shortcuts - which opens up a world of opportunities thereafter.

If you do have any issues or questions, you can always post the details back here on this topic, and it would be great to include your final solution here when you have it.


Hello, dear @sylumer. I’m sorry about the delay on answering you.

At first place, once more, thank you so much for your insights and generous directions.

I ran into the message below on the website, which is supposed to send me back the data I would like to receive:

Free translation: We don’t provide API service.

Even after coming across to this warning, is it possible to achieve my goal by using Shortcuts?

Thank you in advance. :wink:

While the site you linked to do not provide an API, the site I linked to, a different site, does provide an API. as I noted previously, I think this is for the same data set - but I cannot guarantee it.

Without the API, It would be significantly more difficult to do what you want on that web site. Not impossible, but definitely harder, and should they change the website in some way, it would be much more likely to break any automation. This is unlike the API, where changes would be more structured and are far more likely to be non-breaking - they are designed to work like that.