Automation through Shortcuts

Just recently started using shortcuts and have developed some handy ways to make life a little easier, but I’m finding a bit of trouble with my automations… it’s not hugely problematic now, but I can sense that without being able to name them or at least see which shortcut I’m calling, it may get a bit confusing in the future.

With so many different trigger options, maybe I’ll consider the context in which I want the automation to run. Right now, it’s mostly time-based.

Any other thoughts on this?

It’s best practice to create shortcuts for your automations and run those via a Run Shortcut action in Automations. That way you can name and organize them.

I agree. All my automations simply run a shortcut, but from the main automation menu, I can’t see which shortcut was chosen (see below). Can you name automations on iOS? All I can do is set the trigger and pick the shortcut/actions. There is no option for me to “name” the automation.

Ah, no, no naming as far as I can tell.