Automation/Shortcut to show upcoming events for today/tomorrow?

I had a shortcut/automation that ran every morning at 9 AM to show me the events on my calendar for the following day. I was looking at it for something, and I accidentally deleted/altered a step, and I don’t know what I did. I can’t find the shortcut again, and I don’t know how to restore it from a backup.

I know I didn’t build it, so it must have come from somewhere, but I can’t find it again at all. Is there any help anyone can offer?


Hard to debug a shortcut we cannot see and have no original clue to the source.

Here’s a basic shortcut that dumps out some info about tomorrow’s events. Amend it to suit your particular needs.

Hope that helps.

Thanks; that should get me started. If anyone recalls the one I’m talking about (maybe it was built by @matthewcassinelli or somewhere else around here?) that works directly as an automation with Fantastical, that would be great. Also, if anyone knows how to restore a deleted/removed shortcut via Time Machine, that would be great, too.

There shouldn’t be any benefit for using Fantastical over inbuilt Calendar app functionality for reading event data. Fantastical excels at natural language entry and a few other organisation features, but otherwise it is often just interacting with the same data store behind the scenes / standard calendar data.


The more I play with this, the issue I’m noticing is that if I run this as an automation or from the notification, I don’t actually see the agenda. I have to run the actual shortcut, but I want it to run at 8:30 every morning and show up on my home screen.

Do I need something like Toolbox Pro to make that happen? Anyone know?

Is this different to how your original worked? If not it would be useful to see the original shortcut, even if broken.

If it is different, then I would say it sounds like you want a widget of some sort. You could dump the Shortcut output into a specific draft and show a Drafts widget to display it, or you could build your own widget in Scriptable if you want something more bespoke.