Automation Server on app launch?

I’m looking for a URL scheme or Shortcuts action to open the Pushcut app with the Automation Server running on launch.

I’ve created a number of iOS 14 Shortcuts automations to periodically ensure Pushcut is running in the foreground (in case there’s a Shortcut that ends poorly, or some other reason Pushcut loses focus). But even better would be periodically launching Pushcut with the automation server running, just in case Pushcut crashes.

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Hi, developer here - request noted!

Also, I can finally say that development on Pushcut has resumed, and that the list of “feature requests” should FINALLY end up in regular releases again. More details will follow soon…



I spent a ridiculous amount of time creating 288 Personal Automations on my old iPhone 6S so that every 5 minutes, Pushcut is run the foreground. But then it occurred to me this is only works if Pushcut hasn’t locked up or crashed—which is rare, but I want it solid!

Looking forward to the quicker development!

Thanks for resuming TestFlight. A nice surprise to wake up to this morning, Simon.

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How could I join the latest TestFlight?