Automation on iPhone SE not working

On my iPhone SE I installed a personal automation that uploads attachments from emails into my files. The shortcut triggers, but then asks to manually execute the actions. How can I automate this?

On my iPhone 11 I have the exact same workflow and it works perfectly.

  • Do you have the “Notify When Run” setting enabled on your automation on the SE?
  • On trigger, is it running exactly the same shortcut on both devices?

To both questions: no

There is no question that askes for confirmation. It just askes

That sounds like a contradiction that there is no question and it asks (a question). I guess it is just a phrasing thing.

Can you screenshot the message and the setting?

Assuming they conflict with one another, the next step would b to delete and recreate the automation. Hopefully you are calling a shortcut rather than using lots of actions in th shortcut - doing so makes it easier to recreate.