Automation for creating a daily note with text

Hi All,

New to shortcuts and automation and finding in frustratingly hard to use.

I want to make a personal automation that creates a new Note each day that contains the date at the top and some specific text. Same text every day, the only thing that changes is the date. These notes serve as templates for other things I do, but I need to make one each day.

So far, I’ve managed to put together an Action that creates a new note, and adds the date at the top. But I’m seeing no way to add specific text into the note.

Any way to do this?

I’m no expert at all, I think you need to use a text box with the note typed out, I think it would also be helpful for people to help you if they new which note app you are using…apple notes or something else?

@sylumer made this for me. It works perfectly for me. I think in the text box you can add more information, but I guess it all depends what note program, this is using apple notes.

Assuming it is indeed Apple Notes, then the content includes the title as the first line, so a two action shortcut can produce a note as follows.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks Sylumer, this worked. I used your suggestions as a starting point, and figured out how to fine tune the Shortcut. Turns out I wanted to add the Note to a folder in MS Outlook (so that it syncs with my office PC), which I could do. After I set up the Shortcut, I made a Personal Automation to trigger the shortcut early each morning, so that the Note template is ready for me to use by 8 AM.

Thanks so much for the assistance!