Automation for compose imessage

I work in school and have about 200-400 contacts or not in my contact, need to be sent messages frequently, depend on the request of content.

Is there anyway to compose (just compose- not send) the list of phone numbers so I can send first by imessage first, and calculate the price if the job via SMS? I do not want to send to much SMS message, since the fee is quite high

I am going to make a bit of an assumption here in that when you begin with “I work in a school”, that this is relevant and so the messages are in relation to school.

Q) Do you have iMessage recipients marked in any way? e.g. have their mobile numbers gone into your contacts as iPhone numbers rather than just mobile numbers?

You probably also wish to consider how you are tracking these communications and that they are auditable. This is a requirement in many parts of the world. This is one of the reasons why most schools go down a couple of routes in terms of mass communication, and handle all school communications centrally.

One is the use of a mobile application for the school. This can allow them to send notifications via the app, and for those without access (which in our region is likely zero), notifications are made available via a website.

The other approach is to use a third party service to manage SMS communications. There are many such services that are vetted to meet the security and reporting requirements a school might need. Many of them also offer a discounted rate for education and non-profits.

If you have a legitimate need to send these phone messages, then the school should be paying for that rather than you as an individual. I fully appreciate that many schools are underfunded, but there is a data privacy aspect to this, so doing it right would carry some weight to the case.

I’m very sorry that my imperfect English may not be able to express all the information
I am working as an intern, supporting the student management department, whose job is usually to compose emails to send notifications to parents and students with a lot of different content. Sometimes there are events that need to be notified but the recipient data is incomplete, or there are errors and it is difficult to classify (because many people register information at the counter, it is possible to enter and write data incorrectly).
However, some people don’t seem to read emails often, so I want to use it to send support messages.

A. Some identified data such as teachers, students, parents of classes, courses… are labeled and grouped. Many data will not be able to be classified immediately because they are applications, new registrations or passersby interested in participating in the event.
There are also hotline and centralized communication channels such as website and Facebook Fanpage to convey official information. The SMS will go from the hotline, and imess is planning to go privately first, because it is free and also registered with the management email.
Mobile applications for schools have not been effective. Perhaps partly because the mobile app itself is a bit poor.
I don’t mean that I spent money to send notification messages myself, maybe you misunderstood a bit. I’m looking for a way to filter out the numbers that can send imessage in each list to send using a common management icloud account, while the remaining list will send SMS one after another. The hotline management team currently only has 2 technical people and they don’t seem to know much about imessage.

I’ve not seen Apple expose anything to allow you to filter that. If you send a message via the Messages app, it will check for an iMessage registration against the number and send via iMessage … but if enabled in settings will fallback to SMS if there is a problem sending to the device (on an iPhone at least). So if you send via Messages, it should decide automatically the best option in the circumstances.

You can manually test, but it involves sending an initial message and checking the colour of the message bubble.

Another test is to check if you can Facetime the number. This assumes that everyone enables Facetime on their device (not everyone necessarily does). With the number in you contacts, if Facetime is enabled as an option, then you should b able to send them a message via iMessage.

I am a little surprised to hear that the fee on sending SMS is quite high. That used to be the case globally, but has not been for quite some time now. It may be unusually high where you are located or simply with the provider you are using, so I would suggest checking what options you have provider-wise with SMS.

Also consider how people might respond to messages. I guess your shotline sending SMS can cater for replies and calls (e.g. rerouting, standard automated reply), but what about the iMessaging option?