Automation Control: Shortcut to manage and schedule your Shortcuts Automations

Hey everyone, I posted over on the Shortcuts sub some time ago but recently put out some updates to Automation Control.

Why use Automations Control?
Well, let’s say you had a open app automation based on multiple apps that you would like to temporarily disable or even a wallpaper changing shortcut that runs every hour? The shortcuts app doesn’t allow you to name your automations to quickly find it AND if you wanted to disable your every hour wallpaper changer, you’d have to go to each automation to disable it. Not anymore with Automation Control, so check it out.

  • Schedule Automations to run on the hour, every hour or in between certain hours
  • Toggle On/Off all other automations that are set on a time
  • Simple flow to adding/removing automations on the scheduler
  • Overview of all your automations in one place
  • And more…

Step by step guide as well as videos showing setup. Check it out here and download Under the step by step section.


This is impressive! So it’s basically a shortcut that can track and set when other shortcuts run and do it on a more precise schedule than the Shortcuts app?

Hey, thanks. It still relies on the scheduling system of the Shortcuts app but allows for easier management of those shortcuts automations. So instead of creating 5 automations to do one thing and then another 5 automations to do another, thing you’d just create 5 automations that will run one shortcut to run your 10 things for you. Hope that makes sense.

But it also allows you to easily manage automation triggers that aren’t on a schedule. So if you have a automation that fires off every time you open a app but you want to temporarily stop that. Well sure you can go into the Shortcuts app and scroll to find that one and toggle it off but if you have many automations like me, it may take a moment to find that one automation. This shortcut brings them all into a easy view with the name of your choice and a tap can simply prevent or enable your automation actions to run.

With the help from mvan231, I’m putting the final touches on a newer update. This will in fact give you better control on scheduling automations that what Shortcuts allows. Hint: Scheduling based on a range of time, a range of days, certain days of the month like only the 15th and 20th of the month or even certain months of the year if you only want it to run in May. :wink:


Great idea, thanks for sharing!

You’re welcome. I made a update a few days ago that I posted on Reddit but forgot to post here. About to make a post here but here’s the details.