Automating URL-Display by monitoring USB-Power

Hello all,
I am new to the so I have some questions where I could not find answers in the documentation.

My goal is to display a full screen website with content changing over the time. I saw there is a webview and also fullscreen available. Great, I expect that will work.

What I also like to have:

  • the script should start if I send power to the iPad via USB
  • the displayed website should stay active ignoring the timeout in the display settings
  • the script should terminate if I remove USB power so the home screen will be shown again. In this state timeout in the display settings shall be active again. This means after the timeout the screen of the iPad gets dark.

Any ideas if this all can be achieved with the iOS scriptable App?
It must run on iOS 12.5.5. as I have an old iPad Air from 2013 I like to use as a web display.

Thanks and best DrCWO

You likely won’t be able to get Scriptable to do that.

  • Scriptable cannot detect when you plug/unplug your device. Unless the script is running in the foreground.
  • It also cannot ignore auto lock settings.
  • Scriptable is only compatible with IOS 14 onwards so either you’ll get an old version or not at all.
  • I was thinking of Shortcuts, but it didn’t have automations back in IOS12

Your best bet is downloading a full screen browser. I found this by searching.

But you’ll still have to manually set the display not to auto lock.

Thank you for clarification :slight_smile:

I also looked around for a fullsreen browser and found the Kino+ App.
It workes for me but would be nicer to have a trigger on USB-power.

I also tested in iOS 15. There Automation is included. So I can set a trigger if power is plugged to open Kino+. As a surprise this also works if the iPad is sleeping (dark screen).
If I disable checking pin/fingerprint will even open Kino+ immediately from sleep mode if power
is plugged. This is very cool but badly not possible in iOS 12 :cold_sweat:

Best DrCWO