Automating Timery/Toggl

Hi there Automators!

I am a big fan of time-blocking. I’ll work on X between 09:00 and 13:00 for example, and will add this to my calendar. Appointments with myself, so to speak.

I’d like to start keeping tabs on how I’m spending my week, between admin, creative work and all the various things I have to do. Is is possible for apps like Timery to automatically sync with my calendar(s) and create entries which can then be categorised? For example, if I create an ‘admin’ time block in Fantastical on my Google Calendar, can Timery or Toggl then add an entry, and tag and categorise accordingly?

I’m currently making my way through David Sparks’ excellent field guide to DEVONThink, and if there’s a field guide or something similar for this, I’d appreciate any guidance.

Thanks so much


Automatically - no, not really. With a bit of work with shortcuts - yes.

Not sure if you pay for Toggl or not, the gmail integration is included in the 9 dollar a month plan (starter plan).

I know that I personally can’t justify that as I’m not required by my work to do something like that. What your post sounds like, is exactly what I’m doing, however in reverse. I do everything with Timery and then sync THAT to Google Calendar though the use of two Shortcuts. At the end of my week of putting in Timery entries, the first shortcut uses a combination of the Timery entries and then creates Google Calendar events (through and then they appear in Google Calendar.

What you could always do is “flip the script” and work from the Timery app and block time in there at the beginning of the day, run the Shortcut for the day which will then put the events into Google Calendar.

I’d be happy to share my Shortcut with you to possibly give you some ideas, if you’d like.

Just an idea.


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That’s a good idea! After all, it doesn’t really matter where I enter the information, does it?

That’s really kind of you to offer, and sure, if you wouldn’t mind sharing the shortcut I’d be most obliged. I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to this sort of thing.


I just emailed you with the links to my Shortcuts in iCloud.


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