Automating the web browser

I am very interested in automations for setting up a web browser. One of the specifics is that for work I have to use Chrome or a Chromium browser (current preference Vivaldi). I am looking for a solution to be able to open multiple windows with multiple tabs and then run Moom to set them up in the positions.

Any help is needed I just need to make sure I am using a cromium browser.

Have a look at Bunch.

I am looking into it but it didn’t look like you could open multiple tabs or a new window. With different tabs.

From the linked page: “ Opening in a Specific Chrome Profile

For the chrome: and canary: prefixes, you can also include a profile name in square brackets to have a url open in a specific profile. This will open a new window with the profile, and multiple links targeting the same profile will open tabs in that window.”

Perhaps that isn’t what you need though.

Good luck.

My Keyboard Maestro application can control Chrome, opening windows and tabs and moving the windows to the desired locations (and then log in to web sites and anything else you want to do).

I have Keyboard Maestro just haven’t taken the time to dig into it. I will have to add this to my automation Stack. Do you know of any good Tutorials that I can follow?

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