Automating the Letter of Recommendation Process

I made an automation chain for writing letters of recommendation. It uses OmniFocus, Hazel, Shortcuts, Drafts, and Keyboard Maestro! I am proud of it and thought you all might like it to:

Here is the shortcut from the video:


Thanks for sharing this.

It inspired me to try creating an automation chain for a typical project I frequently have to set up.

One question, in the Omnifocus step, how did you get it to add the input to new project in a nominated Folder? The actions I seem to have available for Omnifocus appear only to allow me to add an item to a project, not the relevant Folder.

You made my day @iwarwick; I am so glad this video got the ball rolling!

I add TaskPaper to OmniFocus via Shortcuts. That gives me the option to choose a folder as a destination (see screenshots)


That did the trick.


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Excellent news, happy to help!