Automating Temporary Email Distribution List

I need some help determining some options for automating / semi-automating an email distribution list.

I teach at a community college and email my entire class (in my case two classes of 30 students) multiple times each week. I don’t want to add these students as “Contacts” on my Mac BUT I would like to somehow paste these student email addresses into a the BCC field.

  1. What’s the best / simplest way to automate putting the email addresses in the BCC field using my Mac? I’m using the Airmail email client on the Mac.

  2. Any thoughts on doing this same thing in iOS using Airmail?

Thanks in advance!

A TextExpander snippet or equivalent, containing a list of the addresses maybe?

E.g. emclass1 expands to the list of e-mail addresses for class 1.

TextExpander keyboard should allow you to do the same on iOS.

A mailto URL might also be a possibility, but harder to create and maintain.

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Good idea. Thanks that may help with both platforms!

I was going to suggest an even-lower tech solution: put each list in a separate Drafts note. You can probably even have Drafts send the email to the list, but I’d just copy/paste from it if need be.

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Great idea! Thanks! I really appreciate it!

I’m new to Airmail and I did not realize you can create email templates and save them. These templates sync across iOS and Mac versions of Airmail! Before I learned that, I also created a Keyboard Maestro macro that opens Airmail, starts a new message, goes to BCC and pastes in all the emails! Thank you all for your ideas today! I really, really appreciate it!