Automating Tasks in Omnifocus

I’m trying to figure out if there is a better way to automate a task in Omnifocus.

I follow many people on SoundCloud (or looking for a specific item) and the notifications from SoundCloud get delayed at times.

I have the following Zap.
If a new track is uploaded by someone I follow, then it creates a task for me to Omnifocus (with a link to the file in the notes area of Omnifocus)

After testing this for a week, the tasks stay in the inbox. (a perspective I rarely check, because there is no notification for it) Anything I do is usually do is fully tagged and organized right away by project and context.

Is there a better way to automate this and not rely on Zapier? Ideally, I want the following.

-New Sound is Uploaded to SoundCloud from someone I follow (this is done through Zap already)
-Sound is sent as a task to my Omnifocus automatically (this is done through Zap already)

-New Task that’s created (could be based on a keyword in the task)
– Assigns to a specific project, specific context, flags it, and assigns a due date.


If you have a Mac that’s always running, you could have things appended to a Dropbox file in say TaskPaper format, and when that file is changed Keyboard Maestro could see that as a trigger and copy the contents of the file into OF. Of course, this would limit you to one context, and you would need a Mac on all the time for it.

I know OmniGroup have said they would like to expand the logic for the mailbox reader to allow for assigning projects and tags, etc., but the people who would do that are busy working on OF for web right now!

So over at this thread about DTPO at MPU, I think I am beginning to see the potential of DTPO. Which makes me wonder, since DTPO grabs RSS feeds, it can grab SoundCloud feeds.

Is it easier to somehow convert the DTPO feed into an OF task ?

(So far Zapier to OF works, I just force myself to check inbox daily, since there are no notifications)

Thank you for the initial suggestion, but it may not work in terms of mac running all day, or if someone drops by and uses the guest account.