Automating Squarespace (blogs)

Has anyone successfully worked with Squarespace and automation? Specifically blog publishing?

I think I’m in disbelief that it’s as limited as it seems to be. I’m aware that they have a Form Submitted action on Zapier, and I’ve reviewed their documentation on blogs, and found nothing promising. In fact they apparently deprecated publish posts by email functionality a few years ago.

Even Tumblr has post queuing. There’s gotta be better ways of working with Squarespace outside of manually laying out and publishing each post in their interfaces…

Many years ago SquareSpace used to support XML RPC, but they dropped support in favour of their own bespoke apps citing compatibility. This has in effect limited access to just their aps and the web UI.

If you are looking for automations around your posts, I doubt that SquareSpace is going to be part of that solution unless you are happy with several manual steps at the end; or they at some point Shortcuts-ify their iOS posting app.

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I use Squarespace for a couple things. The site is so easy to use but doesn’t have any automation. Wordpress on the other hand, you can do all that stuff. Ultimately, when I needed a second one I used Squarespace because I thought it was easier to use. For stuff I wanted automated, best I have is a shortcut that drops a bunch of stuff in drafts pre formatted and I just cut/paste. Anything better than that… I’m open to suggestions.

Please send in a request to their twitter handle at the minimum (@squarespacehelp) requesting shortcuts support. I’ve done this a couple times but so far have been met with “we have a fully featured mobile app” (which is technically not true but its a lot closer than it used to be.)

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Thanks, @brentacPrime / @sylumer. Disappointing. I’ve used Squarespace for several projects for years. In fact I think I submitted a request for post queuing tools a few years ago.

In a way, Squarespace automates a lot about the experience of maintaining and updating a website, I suppose. I am tempted to move to Wordpress to get more blog-automating tools, but I’d bet I’d just spend equivalent time and attention on other parts of the site.

Maybe I’ll just use Medium or Tumblr. :man_shrugging:t2:

(I actually have a sketchy setup that pipes Tumblr posts into my Squarespace site. It just isn’t robust.)

I currently use SquareSpace for three sites, and have been using them SquareSpace for the best part of a decade. But, I will hopefully soon finish my first migration off of SquareSpace. I went for the biggest site first and as a result it’s taken almost two years to do it. The others should thankfully be orders of magnitude quicker.

The reason I’m moving is that the service has become rather closed for publishing (and getting my own content back out). Whilst I agree that it does automate many maintenance activities and is excellent for many users, it just hasn’t been a good fit for my purposes for some time now

Interesting. Thanks. And what are you migrating to, if you don’t mind saying?

Now we have a good git client on i*OS in Working Copy, I’ve been migrating to Jekyll. No CMS so full control over content access, output, and pretty much everything in between. More hoops to jump through, but many options to streamline.

But we’re spoilt for choice these days. This one, I think just happens to suit my current needs.