Automating spreadsheet data input

Good morning. I’m trying to automate data flow between and among spreadsheets. As an example- we use a 3rd party online data repository to collect evaluation information (discrete data, numbers). We can download reports in Excel and PDF formats. Our manager has a separate spreadsheet where she can aggregate this data along with other pertinent information collected from other resources. We can then generate a collated report per person. The problem is, she’s manually adding data into the aggregate Excel spreadsheet. I’d like to automate this process as much as possible, preferably using Shortcuts (if possible). As a secondary request, would we be able to then automate the process to extract information per individual, and send via SchoolWork? Thanks for any assistance! John.

Are you using Office365, and if so, do you have access to create flows in Microsoft Flow?

If so, that’s probably the easiest enabler. Web hooks from Shortcuts into Flow should allow you to do the sorts of updates you are considering.

Thanks for your response. We have access to O365 (subscription through our institution), but not to Flow.

Take a look at Zapier. Maybe there’s s enough flexibility in that for you and you could use that?

If you can’t change spreadsheet platforms (O365 is good, so I’m certainly not suggesting you should, even if you could), and can’t use integration services with what you have already, then you’re probably going to find a lack of reasonably accessible automation access.