Automating split screen view

I would like to automate opening two finder windows in split-screen View (the full screen split view you get by hovering over the green full-screen button and selecting Tile Window, not the windows style maximize) If possible preferably via AppleScript but would be okay with Automator or shortcuts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Running an M1 Air on Monteray. my current workaround is this AppleScript, however, I would like to be using split-screen so it’s in its on mission control workspace. Ive tried some Keyboard Maestro “solutions” from similar posts but they just do the same thing as my AppleScript. If its not possible is there a way to make my AppleScript open the two finder windows on a new mission control workspace? PS New to mac and Applescript.

tell application "System Events" to set the autohide of the dock preferences to true
tell application "Finder"
	close windows
	open ("/Users/arthur/" as POSIX file)
	set screenBounds to bounds of window of desktop
	set screenWidth to item 3 of screenBounds
	set screenHeight to item 4 of screenBounds
	set the position of the front Finder window to {0, 0}
	set the bounds of the front Finder window to {0, 0, screenWidth * 0.5, screenHeight * 1}
	make Finder window
	set the position of the front Finder window to {screenWidth * 0.5, 0}
	set the bounds of the front Finder window to {screenWidth * 0.5, 0, screenWidth, screenHeight * 1}
	set the target of Finder window 1 to ("/Users/arthur/Downloads" as POSIX file)
end tell

Would Path Finder work to accomplish this need?

IME Spaces likes to have applications “live” only in one space, and Finder is part of the OS so probably needs to live everywhere. (?)

Set prefs of Path Finder to split screen,
Set prefs to not default Finder to Path Finder
Assign Path Finder to Space #2

I realize that does not fix this Applescript :thinking:

I like pathfinder but I can’t stand having the finder icon stuck on the dock so I’ve been looking for other solutions xtrafinder fits my needs but I can’t get it to work on Big Sur or Monterey