Automating Slack status via Workflow

Hey there. I have a challenge for y’all. I have a workflow to prepare a meeting. It creates a note in Evernote with my template for taking notes, and (in the future) turns on DND. But I also want it to set my Slack status to unavailable.

Any ideas on how to do it?


I am very interested in this as well. Setting a status in Slack is a pain.

I did find this post by Adam DuVander that looks helpful.

How to set a Slack status from other apps

Not a solution, but perhaps something that someone else can build on?

I’ve created a quick Workflow based on the Slack API documentation for generating a status update (and the example in the post above) - TEST - Slack Status.

Unfortunately it ends up returning a web page to me about a glitch rather than any sort of useful error message :roll_eyes:

I don’t know if this is therefore definitely on the right track, but hopefully it is and someone with a bit more experience with the Slack API can offer a suggestion :man_shrugging:

Hope that helps.

Yup. I saw that. unfortunately I don’t have (nor plan on having) a Zappier subscription…

Thanks!! That is awesome. Great approach. Hopefully anybody can help continue building this.

Federico Viticci has an example Workflow in this article:

Yes!!! Thanks @RosemaryOrchard !!! That is exactly what I was looking for!!! It worked like a charm!!!

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Did you manage to get it setting the status from that. I could see the DnD being set.

I was able to set do not disturb. That’s all I needed. It did the trick

I know this is late for your use, but I just found all the bits I needed to accomplish this task, and have documented it on reddit. Posting here for anyone in the future who might find it helpful.

It’s easy to modify the action to do whatever you need by creating different URLs with /StatusHook.