Automating sending an email from a calendar event

In Episode 1 of Automators, Rosemary indicated that while one can no longer trigger an AppleScript routine from a calendar event (which I used to do), you can do an Automator script. I tried using such an approach to send an email, but aI could not get it to work. I used the Alert “email at time of event” after creating an automator routine consisting of “New Mail Message” and “Send Outgoing Message” . Could anyone perhaps explain the correct approach? Perhaps something in the trigger?

Take a look at these Apple discussion threads:

Hope that helps.

This was exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks!

Another way: save your AppleScript as an app from the Script Editor:

  • summon the Save / Save As dialog
  • choose Application in the File Format drop-down and save it

Then use the Open File technique to execute it at the desired time. This works with BusyCal too. (Not tested on OS versions higher than Yosemite…)