Automating playing a podcast station

Is there a way to automate playing a podcast station in the Apple Podcasts app? I can’t seem to locate the action. I’m trying to trigger a workflow on my way home that sends a text with my ETA to my wife, then asks if I want to listen to podcasts or music, and based on that response, launches a playlist in either app. Hitting a roadblock with the podcast piece.

Counterintuitivelry, podcasts are music. You can filter the music type for the “media kind” of podcast, and then shoehorn other parameters in (such as the podcast itself becomes an album).


Thanks, Rose! I knew there was something that I was missing!

My only other question is what would I put in to resume last playing podcast? For example, I want to just continue playing through my specified station.

If it was the last thing playing then “play music”
might work. But I don’t think it will always work (it times out after a while).

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Quick disclemairs: I’m an android guy so I have low knoledge on workflow. I have heard that some third third party podcatchers, such as Overcast, has great integration, and you might have the ability to do a “continue queue” if you want that (does Overcast have playlists?) third party podcatchers also often times have advanced poweruser features, whith automation in their own rights, so there’s a reason to get one :wink: