Automating OmniOutliner to Confluence (or Markdown)

I am using OmniOutliner to formulate a set of technical review guidelines for delivery projects in my organisation. These guidelines need to be published to an Atlassian Confluence page for use by delivery teams.

I have figured out the following “dance” to achieve this…

  • Export from OmniOutliner to OPML
  • Import OPML into MindNode and export as Markdown
  • Open Markdown in a Ulysses sheet and copy to clipboard
  • Open Confluence in browser, edit the target page and use Insert Markup function (with Markdown as selected format) to paste in the result

This works, but is time consuming when you want to re-publish successive drafts of the guidelines.

Any thoughts as to how to approach automating some or all of these steps ?

Take a look at the scripts on this Omnioutliner thread for the scripts that convert directly to Markdown.

Rather than outputting to file, go direct to clipboard.

At that point it should be Omnioutliner to clipboard to Confluence with Markdown as the lingua franca.

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Thanks, will give that a try