Automating New Facebook Group Members?

Hey everyone!

Every few days I need to manually approve new Facebook group members and add their name + emails to a Google Sheet, where Zapier then adds them to our Mailchimp list.

I’m trying to re-asses this process to see where I could further automate.

There are roughly two phases to this process/system; manually filtering potential new members (which I will continue to do myself) and pulling data from the page to add those that are approved to our list in Mailchimp.

The biggest bottleneck in my mind is pulling the data from the Facebook page. I’m comfortable with Python and programmatically controlling Google Sheets with it to add the data but cannot seem to find an efficient method for grabbing the data itself.

I have considered writing a scraping script but I’m not fully comfortable working with the DOM (#nerdmuch?) effectively.

Any ideas?