Automating merging of mac folders (Google Photo Takeout)

I have finally downloaded all of my Google photos from takeout. Altogether around 600 GB of zipped files. There seems to be many photos with the same names in the zipped files, many files are duplicated too. I Googled the web and there is no good way to organise this mess. I started manually dragging and dropping and merging all the folders but I quickly come to realisation that this would take me days if not weeks or months to go through 600Gb of zipped files.

Hence I am reaching out to all the experts here to share your automation that can help me in working through this. I have attached a screenshot of the folder structure to provide a sense of the issue

Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 8.38.46 am

Apps such as Gemini 2 can deduplicate photos.

Is the any EXIF data in the image files? That might then help you get real dates for the files and rename accordingly.

Grouping into folders by day might be the easiest way to try and group by event, but how effective that might be comes down to how you take photos (if you are an opportunistic snapper then this will not really help) and how you want to group them (a matter of preference or future workflow efficiency driven).

thanks , but the issue is not about having duplication. I can avoid that by using the merge function in finder. The real problem is the sheer volume of manual work to merge the folders (and subfolders) with 56 nos of 10Gb files. Hence looking for automation

You did mention file duplication as an issue in the original post, which was hy I suggested something for file deduplication.

The EXIF suggestion/question is directly applicable to being able to process individual files.

Are the file names not an issue based on the grouping in the takeout then? Is the structure actually retained enough that you just need to merge based on identical takeout sub-folder names or something? Perhaps you could clarify with a small example?