Automating Marshall Goldsmith's Daily Questions?

I would like to experiment with Marshal Goldsmith’s Daily Questions, with easy input on an iOS device (most likely an iPhone).

Because he is using a spreadsheet and I’m not that good with Numbers yet (learning opportunity?) I wanted to try this in Numbers (bonus: nice trend graphs should be easy).

I’m able to calculate the daily score based on the checkboxes that are ticked, but I now would like a button to add that score (and today’s date) to a second table that serves as historic data and input for the trend graph:

Is this possible at all in Numbers (on iOS)? How?

Additionally input in Numbers is not very user friendly on an iPhone.

Which tool would be better for this? (And is able to add data to a Numbers document?)

@RosemaryOrchard You also visited the GTD Summit where Mr. Goldsmith presented his “process”. If I’m lucky you have already automated this?

I’ve previously implemented something like this using a google form and sheet and linking to the form from a daily DueApp reminder. That’s worked reasonably well.

I’ve been considering implementing something more local with either a Drafts workflow or a Shortcut, but just came across that Marshall Goldsmith’s organization seems to have an app released specifically for this:

I haven’t yet played with this app yet, but it looks promising.

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Having now played with the app, I don’t think I’d recommend it. It is iphone only. Hasn’t been updated in a good while. Doesn’t have any obvious way to export data.

Back to my home grown solution.