Automating Itunes to messages

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My teenage daughter(17) started a trend of Song of the Day(SOD). Each day we text each other(messages) a song from iTunes. She manages our playlist and add the song to our playlist(SOD2018). Yes it is a very ecliptic playlist but good for father/daughter bonding. We started this a few years ago when she was diagnosed with Narcolepsy.

I am looking to be able to do this from MACOS or IOS. I have hazel, keyboard maestro, IFTTT, etc. I can also create an apple script but I am a novice.

The workflow would look like this:

Current song playing in music or iTunes
Copy song to messages.
Fill in sender info
Hit send

I would appreciate any help possible. Evan a link to one that I can modify.


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I used to have a similar shared playlist workflow with my kids a couple of years ago. From their phones, the kids would use the share sheet to add songs to a shared Reminders list and I had a Workflow that iterated through the list and added songs to a shared playlist. Sadly, Apple removed the Reminders app from the share sheet. Now the kids just message me the song (share sheet) and I click on it to open it in Apple Music and then use the manual “Add to a playlist” feature to add it to the shared playlist.

But, here’s a simple iOS Workflow that gets the current song and sends a link.

There might be “get current song” features in Automator on the Mac, but I haven’t used it with iTunes.

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Here’s a Workflow workflow that will do this for you:

I recommend adding your daughter into the message action, then you can run the workflow from the today widget and either add to the message or just hit send in messages!

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@allan.galbraith @RosemaryOrchard you both are so awesome. I am playing with them both. I will show my daughter how to use them also. She wants to be an engineer and will probably enjoy learning this.

I will make sure I give back to the community. I am pretty good at excel which has great opportunities for automation. I know excel but you would not believe how many large companies rely on it.

Thanks for the help​:clap::clap::clap: