I’m looking to automate, a tool that blocks distracting websites. Ideally I could start a session easily (e.g., triggered from Raycast or Keyboard Maestro) and also stop it if I wish to finish early.

Placing this under AppleScript in hopes someone here has tinkered with it. I found an Applescript inside an Alfred extension, but it controls it using Safari and it feels… dirty. Ideally I’d be able to control the app directly rather than clicking on specific places on a website.

Other tools/services similar to are also very welcome. The only requirement I have is that it must sync between devices, so distractions are blocked everywhere.

Many thanks in advance!

A quick scan and I don’t see any obvious indication on their website or app store descriptions that the developers have incorporated any automatable elements into their apps. It looks kind of like UI scripting might be all that’s really applicable.

Thanks! Appreciate the prompt reply