Automating document retrieval from Companies House (UK)


I doubt anyone has an existing solution for this, but some pointers about how i would even start to think about how to tackle this would be most appreciated.

I ‘follow’ a number of companies at Companies House ( ) and receive an email when the any of these companies has filed a document at Companies House. These are pdf documents such as Annual Accounts or Annual Returns.

At the moment I receive the email, have to click on the link, sign into the website (on my work windows machine), click the Filing History section, and then click on the document that has been upload. If i do this in Chrome I then have to click download. I then have to rename the file to something appropriate as it always has a default meaningless name (“application-pdf.pdf”).

Whilst I may not be able to automate this via my locked down windows machine, I think i maybe able to get an automation to work via MacOS or iOS to automate the process and finish it off by emailing a correctly named document to my work email address as an attachment.

So the simple steps i see are:-

1 somehow receive/retrieve a trigger that a document has been filed for one of the companies that i follow

2 somehow download that document to my home (mac) or iOS device from companies house

3 rename the document to something more appropriate

4 emailing the renamed document to my work email address

I have seen that that Companies House website has an 'API" ( ) but I know nothing whatsoever about API’s.

My initial thought that the email I receive from companies house could be used to trigger a login to the website in order to download the document, but i suspect there is a more sophisticated way to do this, that just monitors for changes of the companies i follow and then downloads the document that has been filed.

Any help on how should i explore further to try and achieve this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.